Collected Works of Witness Lee, The (1963) Vol. 1 – 4



These messages were spoken in 1963 and are combined into a four-volume hardbound set totaling over 2,000 pages. Many of these messages include existing publications as well as previously unpublished material.Below is a list of many of the different section titles.The * refer to previously unpublished titles.Volume OneThe Believer’s Experience of TransformationSpiritual Applications of the TabernaclePrayer on the Ground of Christ’s Ascension *The Divine StreamThe Key to Our Experience of Transformation–Knowing the Inward Parts of Man *Highlights from the Gospel of John *The Practical Way to Live in the Mingling of God with ManThe Enjoyment of Christ for His IncreaseVarious Times of Fellowship with the Leading Ones in Los Angeles *Experiencing the Mingling of God with Man for the Oneness of the Body of ChristThe Two Spirits in the Gospel of John *Volume TwoThe Four Major Steps of ChristGod’s Intention Concerning Christ and the ChurchLord’s Day Morning Messages *Various Speakings *Fellowship with the Leading Ones *The Living that Fulfills God’s Eternal Purpose *Transformation for God’s Building *The Central Thought of GodVolume ThreeBasic Principles of the Experience of LifeThe Building of GodBasic Principles for the Service in the Church LifeBasic Principles for the Practice of the Church LifeThe Work of the Holy SpiritA Brief Definition of the Kingdom of the HeavensMiscellaneous Messages *Miscellaneous Speakings *Volume FourContacting the Lord, Being Filled in Spirit, and Having Proper Christian Meetings for the Accomplishment of God’s Eternal PurposeExperiencing Christ as Life for Our Transformation into His Image *The Practical Way to Fulfill God’s Eternal Purpose *The Exercise of our Spirit for the Release of the SpiritBeing Transformed for the Practice of the Church Life *The Fulfillment of God’s Purpose and the Defeat of God’s Enemy *Experiencing Christ as the Inner LifeThe Relationship of God with Man in God’s New CreationLord’s Day Messages in Los Angeles *Fellowship with the Leading Ones *The Life and Way for the Practice of the Church LifeFellowship Concerning the Body of Christ *

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