Crystallization-Study of Song of Songs



In every book of the Bible, there are certain underlying truths which contain the intrinsic essence of God’s revelation. These truths may be considered as precious crystals, and in a series of Crystallization-studies, Witness Lee presented the intrinsic essence of some of the most notable books in the Bible.In Crystallization-study of Song of Songs he depicts the experience of seekers of the Lord Jesus in progressing stages. As seekers, we are attracted by Christ’s love, charmed by His name, and captivated by His person to pursue Him and to be led into the church life. Then there is a call to remain in the cross to be freed from the introspective self for the fulfilling of our Beloved’s purpose concerning us in the divine life. Following this, there is a call to live in ascension and even within the veil to experience the stronger cross that we may be one with God in our spirit even before rapture. Ultimately, we are conformed to be the wonderful Shulammite, who, as the duplication of Solomon, is the greatest and ultimate figure of the New Jerusalem as the counterpart of Christ.

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