Fact, Faith, and Experience


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Throughout his life of ministry in service to the Lord, Watchman Nee demonstrated a proper balance between knowing the objective truths in the Bible and experiencing the subjective realities contained in the divine revelation. Early in his ministry, he published an article entitled Fact, Faith, and Experience. Between 1925 and 1934, in the early years of his ministry, he released numerous messages related to these points. He spoke of divine facts, including the assurance and security of salvation and the timelessness of Christ’s work on the cross, and of the role of faith in receiving these divine facts. He also provided insight and guidance into the experience and enjoyment of Christ’s accomplished facts.This book begins with the article Fact, Faith, and Experience. Subsequent sections contain messages that relate to the topics of fact, faith, and experience. The final message, The two sides of the Truth–Subjective and Objective, provides a fitting conclusion to this compilation of messages by illustrating the balance that is struck in our Christian life when objective facts contained in the Word become alive through faith and operative in our experience. These messages are simple and most suitable for new believers, but at the same time, they contain profound insights that are helpful to mature believers.

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