God-Men, The


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The New Testament reveals that Christ, the unique God-man, has passed through the process of incarnation, death, and resurrection to impart God’s divine life into all who believe. As those who have been born of God, the believers, like Christ, are also God-men, possessing both the divine and human life and nature. The New Testament also reveals the marvelous operation of the divine life in those who have been born of God. As the regenerated children of God, the God-men constitute the new man with the divine life. As the spiritual household of God, the God-men build up the Body of Christ with the transforming life. As the royal priesthood of God, the God-men struggle to be the overcomers with the reigning life. And as the chosen race of God, the God-men consummate the New Jerusalem with the glorifying life. In The God-Men, Witness Lee presents a full picture of our status as God-men in the divine life.

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