God’s Plan of Redemption


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God’s full salvation consists of the redemption accomplished by Christ on the cross and the subjective operation of the Triune God as the eternal life to man. In this remarkable study, Mary E. McDonough examines both aspects of the believer’s salvation but adds particular emphasis to the latter, unveiling the truth and experience of the uncreated life, the life of God in Christ Jesus, that is shared by the believer.This life experience begins with regeneration, continues with our transformation according to the divine life-principle, the law of the spirit of life, and culminates with the transfiguration of our body. By this organic process, our entire being is made like Him as we are built up to be the Body of Christ and prepared to be His bride, unto the eternal glory of God. After many years of being unavailable in its entirety, God’s Plan of Redemption once again brings these precious and crucial truths to all the Lord’s children.

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