Ministry Digest (ENG) Vol. 1, No. 1


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An Introduction to Ministry Digest
The purpose of this monthly digest is to help to encourage and assist in the daily reading of the ministry in the Lord’s recovery. Its two specific goals are: (1) to help the saints to enter into the riches of The Collected Works of Witness Lee and (2) to provide ministry content for the churches in their corporate weekly pursuit. The Collected Works of Witness Lee comprises one hundred thirty-nine volumes arranged chronologically by year. In this digest we will focus primarily on specific topics from many of these volumes and introduce selected readings on these topics to saints who do not have access to the printed volumes. It is our desire to help the saints get into the riches contained in The Collected Works of Witness Lee topic by topic. This publication will help the saints and churches develop a taste and deepen the desire for reading the ministry in a consistent way. It is intended to supplement and not replace the Recovery Version of the Bible, the Life-study messages, The Holy Word for Morning Revival, and The Ministry of the Word magazine.

Each issue of Ministry Digest will be divided into four sections with four messages in each section.

The churches can choose one section to go through corporately each week, and the saints also can go through another section personally each week. Any section may continue through a few or many issues. When the messages in one section are completed over time, new topics in new sections will be introduced.

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