New Covenant, The (1952 Edition)


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God’s gracious gift to every believer is conveyed in the promises that He has given, the facts that He has accomplished, and the covenants that He has established. Our experience of grace can advance when we have a proper understanding of the relationship between these promises, facts, and covenants. In The New Covenant the authors clearly speak of our need to receive God’s promises through faith, of our need to apply God’s accomplished facts by faith, and of our right to appropriate the riches that have been made available to us through Christ’s blood, the blood of an eternal covenant. In the person and work of Christ many great and exceedingly precious promises have been fulfilled, and based on His new covenant, these promises have been guaranteed to us. In their simple yet unique style, Watchman Nee and Witness Lee provide encouragement and guidance for every believer to more fully enter into the experience of God’s covenanted grace.

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